Career coaching 

School leavers, uni students, graduates or career changers in your twenties -
any of these thoughts and emotions sound familiar?

  • I don't know what graduate job or career I can do with my degree

  • I like the sound of a particular sector but I'm not sure how to get into it

  • I'm applying for all these graduate jobs but keep getting rejected

  • I'm unsure what to do post school 

  • I'm not sure how to get relevant work experience or internships

  • I'm on a career path that I know isn't right for me

  • All my friends seem sorted

  • I'm feeling so overwhelmed

  • I don't know what steps to take

  • I'm not sure how to best prepare for interviews


Combine some of these thoughts together with the advice you might be getting from websites, careers services or your parents and friends. 

No wonder you're struggling to make progress.


There's too much going on in your head.


You know you need to do something differently if you want things to change.




Career coaching can help you

get some clarity about WHAT YOU WANT 

understand WHERE YOU ARE NOW

make a plan and take action to GET TO WHERE YOU WANT TO BE


Alfie, uni student

Rachel was always friendly and easy to talk to. She was great at prompting me to come up with my own ideas to solve my problems, including sharing resources to help me think about what we talked about. She maintained a professional atmosphere, and I got the impression that she genuinely cared about everything we talked about.

izzy graduation.jpeg

Izzy, graduate

Rachel has a great deal of experience in a number of sectors meaning she can offer real insight into the workings of different industries and company culture/pressures. The fact that she had confidence in me and was able to reassure me, even at times when I was receiving a lot of rejections, ultimately gave me the motivation and assurance to carry on and secure a great scheme.

A typical 1-2-1 career coaching programme

  • We have an initial chat to find out what you are struggling with and what you want to achieve

  • I create a coaching programme specifically for you, on average lasting from six to ten weeks

  • Each programme involves regular face-to-face or online coaching, self-awareness exercises, templates, resources, how to guides, reviews of application documents and email support in between coaching sessions 

Topics we might cover

  • Understanding 'YOU' - skills audit, your interests, strengths, values and ideal work environment

  • Researching and choosing career options

  • How to break into a particular sector or change careers

  • Evaluating paths post school or university 

  • Managing your mindset

  • Job or internship search

  • Networking techniques

  • Powerful CVs, applications and LinkedIn profiles

  • Succeeding at interview


My coaching approach

I combine coaching with knowledge sharing and skills training depending on the results you want. Coaching helps you to understand yourself first. You'll then feel more empowered to move forward and create your own solutions.


I have extensive experience of recruitment, the graduate job market, different job sectors and career change  so I will share the relevant knowledge with you. There is a real skill to effective job search, networking, application and interview so if we are working together in these areas then I will combine training and coaching. Training gives you the basic knowledge but coaching helps you to recognise how to develop these skills further. 

What you'll get from

1-2-1 coaching

  • Space and time to make sense of your thoughts

  • Someone to listen to you without passing judgement

  • Emotional and practical support

  • Self-awareness about what's important to you, what you have to offer employers, your goals, your fears, your obstacles and your inner voice 

  • Clear action plans

  • Lifelong techniques, knowledge and skills to apply to career planning and job hunting

  • Progress in achieving your goals much more quickly and with much less stress than if you struggle on alone

Typically clients work with me over a period of six to ten weeks investing £690-990 in a career coaching programme to reach their goals.
I also offer shorter programmes with specific aims such as success at interview, creating powerful CVs, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles or making decisions about next steps post-18. 


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