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As a parent you want your young adult to start a career that they enjoy, that plays to their strengths, that gives them financial independence and that they can progress in. 


Up until now your young adult has known where they were going; they've followed an educational path that was laid out for them. 


Now there are many paths open to them when leaving school, on graduating and during their early career. This life stage can lead to a lot of development in their idea of who they are, where they exist in the world, and what their purpose is. They are likely to feel stressed and overwhelmed at times.


You want to support them and be there for them but equally you want them to make their own decisions. After all, it's their future, not yours.  


You might be lacking the knowledge to share with them. Or even if you have the knowledge they may not want to listen.

Getting some external support for your young adult will give you peace of mind. And help your young adult share their thoughts and emotions, get clarity, make plans and see progress more quickly and with less stress than if they struggle on alone.

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Mother of Josie, sixth former

If anyone is thinking of booking some coaching for their child with Rachel, I can highly recommend her. She helped my 17 year old daughter who didn’t have a clue what to study at university. She was very stressed about it and was lacking in confidence as to where to start, and this was creating a barrier for her to discuss it or even to start looking at courses.

Rachel seemed to give her the confidence and tools to enable her to think about what she might want to do and also how all degrees give you different skills and although all different they are all valuable. By the time she had finished with Rachel, she was excited and positive about what she could study at university.  She has now sent her UCCAS off and is really excited about university and the future - which is very different than 3 months ago!!

Father of Emma, graduate

Rachel was recommended to us for our daughter to have specific help with the job interview process, including (but not limited to) preparation of her CV, interview practice, presentation practice and the general building of her self-confidence, which was at a low ebb.


In a very short time, Rachel was able to professionalise our daughter’s approach to interviews and give her sufficient self-belief to such an extent that she has been offered a prestigious graduate position in the Life Sciences field.


Though not a mental health specialist, with Rachel’s practical and moral support, our daughter was able to overcome some significant anxiety issues to be a convincing candidate during an arduous interview process. As concerned parents, we are hugely grateful for Rachel’s work and we would highly recommend her to any young person who is starting their career.

Mother of Benji, sixth former

Rachel and our son worked together for 5 weeks and during this time she enabled him to become more self-aware, provided him with some structure and a step-by-step process that he followed to help him make decisions and move forward. This gave our son some focus during these challenging times. Rachel was also there when the A Level results were announced providing invaluable advice and support.  Our son is feeling more positive about what the future holds and more confident in himself, now fully understanding the skills he has to offer.

I would highly recommend Rachel, she has a great deal of expertise to offer youngsters and their parents. She encourages youngsters to break out of their comfort zone and explore areas they wouldn't normally consider.

Support for parents

I want to empower you as parents to be able to support your young adults in their career planning and job hunting.

Here are three ways you can access knowledge, resources and coaching techniques.

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