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My story

Hi there, I'm Rachel.


Too many people are in a job or career that they don’t enjoy.


And I want to change that.


I’ve always enjoyed the various roles of my career.


That's because I've followed my interests, played to my strengths, been open to new opportunities, chosen organisations whose values aligned with my own and been true to myself.

I also believe in the skills, energy and ambition of young people.


But making the transition from education to employment is tough. And I feel support for young people and their parents is currently lacking.

So I'm on a mission to help you develop the self-awareness, clarity, skills, confidence and focus to make decisions that are right for you in your early career.


So that you feel empowered to continue making future career choices that align with your unique strengths, values, interests and needs.

And ultimately lead a meaningful and enjoyable career.

What makes me different?

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Maximising the potential of people is at the heart of my career

Supporting employees,  colleagues and clients to be their authentic and best selves has given me the greatest source of satisfaction during my 20+ years career. I gained a Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching from The Coaching Academy in 2013 to professionalise my coaching skills.

I really care about young adults choosing the right career for them and not to fit anyone else's expectations

As one of my past clients, Izzy, says ‘Rachel genuinely wants the best outcome and fit for whoever she is working with. Unlike recruiters who often claim this, but only want to ‘coach’ and match you to a role for their own commission!'

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I have a good understanding of the fit between people’s preferences and different working environments

I have led a varied career across several industries (FMCG, food, healthcare, retail, travel, international development and youth volunteering). For different size organisations (multinational, charity and start-ups). And in different roles (brand management, marketing, recruitment, training, operations). 

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My style is a combination of coaching, knowledge sharing and skills training

I don’t just give you the answers. I use coaching techniques to help you understand yourself first. You'll then feel more empowered to move forward and create your own solutions. I share knowledge, resources and skills training where appropriate.

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Many years of experience in recruiting, coaching and training young adults

My career at the charity Raleigh International involved recruiting over 15,000 17-24 years olds from around the world for volunteering programmes as well as recruiting for over 100 roles internally. I have also coached young people in my capacity as a tennis coach, volunteer Cub Leader and on activity residentials.



My career journey 

Haemorrhoid creams, Strepsils and Hula Hoops


My degree in languages with marketing initially led me to a  graduate training scheme in brand management and sales with The Boots Group. A large dose of adaptability was required  for marketing laxatives and haemorrhoid creams to windscreen wipers and clutch kits!   


I followed this with  an international role managing the marketing and new product development for Strepsils. The FMCG environment  appealed to me next so I moved onto Hula Hoops -  developing new packaging and products and making fun advertising campaigns. 


I progressed well within those first seven years but a new adventure was calling.

Putting on my backpack


I had always planned to take a career break to travel and work around the world - I hadn't taken a gap year and was curious to see other parts of the world, to volunteer, to undertake physical challenges, to get out of my comfort zone.

27 months later, having travelled and worked in South America, New Zealand, Australia  and South East Asia, I returned home with a newfound creativity and absolute clarity on what was important to me in life and therefore in my career.

My most rewarding role - and still wearing the backpack


My career break made me realise my career purpose - making a positive impact by helping others on a similar journey to myself. Inspiring young people to get out of their comfort zone, see the world and broaden their horizons. To give back and learn about themselves in the process.


So I joined Raleigh International, a charity bringing together young people from around the world to volunteer on sustainable development projects overseas. I worked there for 12 years, progressing to Director of Marketing, Recruitment and Training. I recruited over 15,000 volunteers from around the world to join our volunteering programmes. In 2013 I gained a qualification as a Personal Performance Coach with The Coaching Academy as I was keen to professionalise my coaching skills in the workplace.

Passionate about the powerful impact of coaching on young adults


And here I am now, with my own company, My Professional Hat. I'm bringing together over 20 years of skills and experience from a wide range of roles, industries  and life's adventures to help late teens to mid twenties set out and progress on the right career path for them. 


I’m on a mission to create a community of young adults who are clear about the opportunities available for their strengths, interests and values, who have the confidence and connections to nail that contract and who wear their professional hats with pride.

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