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Happy clients

I feel honoured to have worked with a wide variety of young clients and helped them to set and achieve their educational and career goals.

Clients at the internship or job hunting stage have gone on to secure roles in consultancy, marketing, strategic communications, operations, teaching, music composing, design, event management, data science, sales and account management, government affairs, life sciences, project management, asset management. In sectors such as technology, finance, healthcare, food, beauty, media, sports, music, arts, Public sector including Civil Service. This isn't an exhaustive list!

Below are some of my clients' reviews  - please also visit my LinkedIn profile.

Ali, graduate

Ali Bland headshot.jpeg

After eight months of searching and three months working with Rachel, I finally have a job as a parliamentary assistant! Rachel taught me so much about myself and the job-searching process and I honestly think without her help, I would still be the clueless and overwhelmed person I was three months ago.She is so friendly, reassuring and an absolute expert on how to get a job and I have really enjoyed working with her.

Annabel, career changer

Working with Rachel was a really fun and engaging experience. In the space of a couple of months I went from feeling totally lost and not knowing how to get out of my current job, to feeling really confident in my abilities. After a few rounds of interviews for two jobs, I received offers for both and have started working at a tech start-up.

Annabel Murphy headshot.jpg

Josie, school leaver

Coaching has helped me realise my interests and what really drives me to want to take these subjects further into potential careers. It’s also given me a better understanding of uni as well as learning how to research my own interests to gain knowledge of the subjects I’m passionate about to take further than school.

I am now feeling really confident that I have found a degree I’m passionate about and a strong personal statement. I’m excited for university now and motivated to work hard knowing I have a target at the end which I want to reach.

Isabelle, graduate

Isabelle headshot.jpg

I loved working with Rachel, and genuinely looked forward to each of our sessions. Rachel really helped me to see that it was vital to align my strengths and interests to the role and industry that I was choosing to go into. I had a lot of ideas and was a bit all over the place in our first meeting, but Rachel and her resources helped me to narrow it down and start my job search in something that I would actually enjoy.

I have secured a job in a role I think I will excel in, and in an industry I know I will love. I haven’t started yet but I am very excited to see how it all unfolds.


I would definitely recommend Rachel. She is genuinely an expert at her job and has so much knowledge and insight to help anyone no matter their situation. Rachel provides ample support and resources throughout the whole process, as well as being exceptionally quick with email responses and advicee in time critical situations.

Izzy, graduate

Rachel genuinely wants the best outcome and fit for whoever she is working with (unlike recruiters who often claim this, but only want to ‘coach’ and match you to a role for their own commission!).


She has a great deal of experience in a number of sectors meaning she can offer real insight into the workings of different industries and company culture/pressures. She recognised skills and traits in me which I had not previously been able to see, ultimately resulting in my acceptance onto a fantastic, well-suited graduate scheme with a leading technology consulting firm.

izzy graduation.jpeg

Harry, graduate

I think that it is indicative of Rachel’s skill that I secured the first job I applied to with only two coaching sessions after a year of applying unsuccessfully beforehand. Specifically, Rachel helped me realise I was being too defensive in interviews. I spent so much time justifying myself that I didn’t properly show off everything that I had to offer. The practice interviews she offered ended up being uncannily close to the interviews I did for the role, so I can absolutely vouch for the efficacy of those meetings.

Charles, graduate

Rachel encouraged and challenged me in a good way so that I came up with the answers and solutions to the best I could rather than just her. She is so easy to get along with as a coach and a person.  I felt she really wanted me to succeed, even when perhaps I wasn’t feeling that motivated, she helped me to get back on track. One way that Rachel heightened my confidence was by encouraging me to reach out and connect with people in different sectors, with the right sort of questions to ask them about their careers, departments they work in and the company they work for. My attitude has changed to a much more positive one – before meeting Rachel I was often someone who said “I could do this”, but now it is more “I will”!

I have now secured my ideal role with Savills as a Client Services Consultant.

Caroline, graduate

Caroline Ferguson head shot.jpeg

Rachel is so much more than a career coach, she taught me how to market myself and boosted my self confidence more in 8 weeks than any other person or program has done in my entire academic career.

She is consistent, knowledgeable, and caring. She’s helped me with every aspect of finding possible careers for me, covering the emotional side & working on my self belief, to the technical skills of writing a good CV and drafting cover letters.

Thanks to Rachel’s help I secured an internship with a PR agency and I’m now in a full time graduate role  with Warner Brothers. I would strongly recommend Rachel  - she’s helped put me a path and given me a focus that I don’t think I could have achieved without her guidance.

Oscar, graduate

Working with Rachel was a revelation. Within 10 minutes I felt comfortable to tell her all about myself and every fear and concern I had regarding my career and my life in general. She helped me to breakdown my fundamental strengths by looking at what I had achieved in my past, helping me realise that I should approach finding a new career with confidence. She showed me the best ways to narrow down my search and focus on building a strong and powerful image for potential employers.


Her advice and knowledge was incredibly useful at every step and gave me the clarity I needed to start a new career. Having come from a place of being completely lost, intimidated and overwhelmed, the change has been beyond belief. I now have a job I love, my worries have disappeared and I feel so much more confident in my abilities.

Saskia, graduate

Working with Rachel was an amazing experience. From day one, I felt so supported by her and she completely understood who I was as a person. What I found really special was how the whole course of coaching was completely tailored to me.

I am now working for a company called OceanSaver as their Customer Care and E-commerce Executive and I am feeling over the moon. The tools and change in mindset that I was able to take from my coaching with Rachel undoubtedly helped me to get here. Everyday, I am using all of my skills, and learning new things. I am being given incredible experience in a small, growing company.

I would absolutely recommend Rachel to anyone who is lacking confidence or direction, or anyone who just wants to  be more aware of what they have to offer. She is so personable, attentive and thorough in her process, but allows all of the change and decision making to come from you which leaves the end of the experience with her feeling like you have really put in the work to reach where you are. She is a brilliant support and fills you with confidence.

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