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LinkedIn masterclass

for school leavers, students, graduates and early career changers

 4th March 2021 6.30-8pm (Bookings now closed)

Being on LinkedIn is NOT just about having a strong profile.


 Learn how you can get career inspiration, job search effectively, make new connections and stand out to employers. 


  • Know you should be using LinkedIn?

  • Worried that your profile isn't great?

  • Not sure what LinkedIn is all about?

  • Feeling fed up with the amount of time you spend on LinkedIn but not really getting anywhere?

This masterclass has been designed specifically for school leavers,  students, graduates and early career changers and teaches you everything you need to know to use LinkedIn effectively and efficiently.


Improving your confidence, focus, connections and visibility to employers. 

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Using LinkedIn has been a game changer for me.

Marina, final year student


This masterclass is for you if:

  • You’re not on LinkedIn yet but know it can help you in your internship or job search

  • You have a LinkedIn profile but you know it could be way better

  • You’re using LinkedIn for your job search but:

    • only half-heartedly as you’re not really sure what you are looking for

    • you feel its using up lots of your time as you’re finding few roles that you could apply for

    • each job you spot is receiving loads of applications

  • You’ve heard that LinkedIn is great for networking but you’re not sure how to approach people or you lack the confidence

  • You’re not aware about how great a tool LinkedIn is for getting career inspiration and general research

What you'll learn

  • How to optimise your profile so that employers are clear on your career aims and relevant experience and skills  

  • How to increase your visibility so you get noticed by recruiters

  • How to be focused in your job search, find the right roles for you and save time

  • How to identify and reach out to key people who can help you get career inspiration and improve your chances of standing out at the application and interview stages

Ultimately you’ll come away with the knowledge and tools to improve your confidence around promoting your personal brand, focusing your job search and networking effectively.

Your investment

£39 which includes:


  • online masterclass delivered Live 

  • a comprehensive ‘How to Guide’ featuring a step by step visual process to set up your profile, tips for networking and effective job search, templates for reaching out to people and advice on using lots of other LinkedIn features.

Through Rachel’s advice on researching companies I now have a list of targeted companies to apply for and have increased my LinkedIn visibility by connecting with people at those companies.

Amelia, recent graduate, secured graduate consultant role with PA Consulting

I would recommend Rachel to anyone looking to enhance their awareness of their professional skills, tackle job applications with greater confidence and put their LinkedIn profile to work.

Alex, early career changer

Booking fom
LinkedIn masterclass, 4th March, 6.30-8pm, £39
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